Jewish London presents 999, a film by Heather Dune Macadam

Special Events


During World War II the Czechoslovak government paid the Nazis to take 999 single young girls and women (ages 16-32) away with the proviso that they NOT return.

Arriving in Auschwitz in late March 1942, these girls and women became slave labourers – physically building the camp with their bare hands – the camp which was to become the killing machine for the Final Solution.

The majority did not survive. Most never saw their families again.

Among the small group of survivors were the 2 Friedman sisters who ended up in London, Ontario to rebuild their lives, Edith Friedman Valo (#1949) and Ella Friedman Rutman (#1950).

Attend the program and learn about this unique historical event at 7:00 pm Monday, December 7 via Zoom.