This year is different

In previous years we would gather to donate and sort clothes and necessities; to cook and prepare a scrumptious, festive meal; to welcome by setting tables, to host, and to serve. The pandemic has led to economic upheaval for many. The need is great, and our ability to get out there and help is limited by the demands of social distancing, protecting each other, and the current state of emergency. But our desire to help, and the need to make a difference, has never been clearer. As Purim approaches let’s fulfill the tradition of matanot l’evyonim, “gifts to the poor”, with a compassion and generosity that rises to the need that the pandemic has created.

Please call Jewish London at (519) 673-3310 to contribute to this vital campaign. Donations will be split equally between these three worthy organizations. This year our assistance will benefit three organizations whose efforts are critical to the London community.

Donations will be split equally between these three worthy organizations:

  1. Wish: Winter Interim Solution to Homelessness. Committed to plan and implement housing and food solutions for London’s unsheltered in anticipation of fallout from a 2nd wave of Covid-19 this winter.
  2. London Food Bank. Helping a generous community share its food resources.
  3. Unity Project. Providing emergency shelter, supportive housing and stability supports where people are struggling to escape and avoid homelessness.
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